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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Here's a few quick shots that we snapped after dinner; I wanted to document my new dress and also my new pair of shoes. The dress was an impulse buy but the heels were hard-won after many hours of obsessing and Internet sleuthing, so I've been looking forward to showing them off. 


Shoes: Amazon
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Monki (via Asos)


I have way too many striped dresses in my closet but when I see a variation that I don't own, I have to add it to my collection (especially for only $15). Actually, my sister was nice enough to get this one for me as a birthday gift. I love the burgundy color--perfect for fall--and the midi length is different for me but I'm into it. Sometimes it's hard for me to pull off midi lengths because I'm on the short side but whatever.

These shoes have a bit of a story to them. I loved these heels when I saw them but the price was a bit much (although nothing compared to the original designer version). In the end, after agonizing and obsessing for weeks, I managed to track down a pair on Amazon that looked really similar for less than $50. There's actually tons of look-alikes out there right now (such as the Forever 21 version above) so if you like this strappy style you shouldn't have a hard time finding your own pair for not too much money. Good luck!

Photos: Josh Kirby

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