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Friday, April 3, 2015

So, this outfit is the polar opposite of my last outfit. Sometimes I like to dress up a little bit more than usual for the sake of blog photos (and to actually wear all of my neglected clothes) but I decided to show a different, more casual side of my style today: my daily style. I actually don't wear thigh-high boots and green leather trench coats every day--surprise! 

If I'm just at home working and walking the dog then the jeans are replaced with leggings and the button-down is replaced with a t-shirt--not exactly blog-worthy. This, however, is the spruced-up version of that daily outfit: the version that I wear for doing errands and getting lunch. I imagine it would also make for a great travel outfit (this scarf is huge and makes for a great impromptu pillow and/or blanket).  

This entire outfit is made up of what I consider to be wardrobe staples--and they're all under $100 (except my sunglasses because they're prescription). So although it does take some time, and some trial and error, it's not impossible to find good quality wardrobe staples that fit into a tiny budget.

Outfit details:

Parka: H&M
Sweater & belt: Thrifted
Button-down shirt: Target
Rockstar skinny jeans: Old Navy
Scarf & backpack: Forever 21 (backpack still available here)
Sunglasses: Warby Parker's The Madison
Rain bootsdäv Liverpool Boots

P.S. Aren't these däv rain boots gorgeous? They don't look like rain boots at all, and they're so comfy. I wrote about them (and other comfortable rain boot options) here for Bustle, if you'd like to read more about them.

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