BEAUTY REVIEW: Love & Beauty Bow Case Lipstick

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

forever 21 bow case lipstick

Although it may not be the first place you would look, Forever 21 has a surprisingly nice collection of beauty products: decent quality despite the cheap price tags and unfailingly pretty, adorable packaging. This Love & Beauty Bow Case Lipstick ($5) is no exception. 

The bow packaging is what caught my eye, of course, and for $5 I figured it was a risk I could take. There are three shades with very creative names: Pink, Red, and Nude. I bought Pink and Red. 

Spoiler alert: Pink was no good. The color was fine but it had gritty bits of glitter in it, which made me want to throw it straight in the trash (duh, obviously I didn't because that bow is so damn cute). 

However, Red was a different story. Keep reading for my review! 

forever 21 bow case lipstick

forever 21 bow case lipstick

Here's what I thought of the Love & Beauty Bow Case Lipstick in Red (presented in a handy pros & cons format):


  • A nice, true-red shade with lots of pigmentation in one swipe.
  • Creamy and hydrating with a nice satin finish. Glides on evenly. 
  • Love the packaging, of course. It feels as nice as it looks.
  • Not tested on animals. 


  • Not long-lasting. It all but disappeared after a meal. (At least it faded evenly, though.) 
  • Can be a little hard to apply neatly, which is why I don't often love creamy, dark lipsticks. 
  • Very strong Play-doh smell. 

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Red and I might even get brave enough to try the Nude (a shade that rarely works for me).*

Besides, it's only five bucks and if you hate the lipstick, it's still cute enough to add to your lipstick collection or leave lying around on your vanity.

*It appears to be sold out at the time of writing this but I'm sure they'll restock soon.

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