New Year, New Outfit

Thursday, January 29, 2015

plaid mini skirt

pixie undercut

target knee high boots

pixie undercut

Wouldn't it be funny if I only posted one outfit a year? That would be an interesting way to track the evolution of my style.

Seriously though, the last time I posed in this spot for outfit pictures was all the way back in September. Now it's 2015 and January is almost over.

The nice thing about quitting a job with a dress code is that I finally feel like I'm figuring out my sartorial sweet spot. I got rid of all of the boring cardigans and dress pants that I felt obligated to keep in my closet for work. Yes, there's a lot of days when I stay in yoga pants or pajamas all day, but when I do get dressed it's pretty great being able to wear exactly what I feel like wearing that day, to get dressed solely for myself. 

(Of course I just realized that this is an outfit that I could easily have worn to work. Still, if I want to get crazy, I totally can. Maybe in the next post.)

Also I shaved the sides and back of my head. Yes, it is as cold as you would think. I see a lot of hat wearing in my future.

Outfit details:

Coat: Zara
Bag: Target
Boots: Target
Hat: Target 
Striped button-down: Altuzarra for Target
Plaid mini skirt: Old Navy (the children's section, FYI)

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