Fall Wishlist: Zara

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I've always been a big Zara fan but everything they put out this summer left me cold. I just wasn't feeling the ugly sandals and giant culottes or whatever. Now that it's fall, I'm thrilled--or dismayed?--to report that I once again want to thrust my entire paycheck through my computer and get half the things on their site. I thought I would list the top items that I have my eyes on... Hopefully I'll even have my hands on some of them soon.

1. Chic boots

I feel like I actually need to have those black boots, as it is SO hard to find the perfect pair of above the knee boots with the right sort of heel. They're so chic and timeless. The leopard print booties aren't necessary (and chic is subjective when it comes to leopard print) but I fucking love them and I want them so there.

2. Aggressively ugly shoes

I know, I'm such a hypocrite after complaining about their ugly summer shoes. But I really like the colors of these "mountain wedges" and I think they'd be practical enough for walking the dog while still looking cool. And as for the black track-sole platforms, I saw a lot of the Zara models wearing them with a skirt and chunky black or colored socks and I loved how it looked. These two definitely aren't "must-haves" but I'm tempted all the same.

3. Outerwear

For outerwear this fall, I'm really into long, flowing trench coats or men's coats. I have yet to find the right one (it can't be too big or it will overwhelm me, and it has to have some weight to it so that I don't feel like I'm just wearing a bathrobe) but I really like the look of this one. I'm also still on the hunt for the perfect leopard print coat--isn't this one amazing? The cardigan I just happened to see and fall in love with, imagining being snuggled up in it at work and at home. 

If I end up splurging on any of the above it'll probably be the black over-the-knee boots and the fur-trimmed cardigan, since they're the most practical and I'll get the most use out of them. But boy do I want both of the leopard print items on this list so bad... Too bad having a dog is (surprise!) crazy expensive!

Still, a girl can dream. I should post about my beauty wishlist for the fall next... Also the Altuzarra items I'm planning to check out at Target next week. I'll be back with my greedy mittens soon.

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