What I Wore: Stripes & Neon

Sunday, August 5, 2012

#whatiwore (Taken with Instagram)

Lovely new things: h&m sandals and a soft fluffy rug (Taken with Instagram)

#whatiwore  (Taken with Instagram)

#whatiwore  (Taken with Instagram)

I took these pictures in front of our garage because, much to my chagrin, our neighborhood is severely lacking in the gritty urban backdrop department. There's plenty of lush foliage and big trees and white picket fences and pretty flower gardens, but unfortunately I feel like that doesn't mesh well with my style. I could never pull off the bohemian thing. I never wear flowy maxi skirts or flower crowns in my hair. I find it hard to put my style into words, but here's some anyway: urban, minimal (sometimes), classic with little nods to sexy/punk/romantic/whatever I feel like that day. Today I felt lazy, thus the "minimal" vibe. I almost never wear jewelry or a lot of accessories. Instead I use other things for visual interest. For example, the stripes on my shirt (I'm a stripe addict, as I'm sure you'll find out soon enough) and the pop of neon in my shoes.

I've always been addicted to stripes, but neon is a new thing that hit me this summer. Just following the trends, I guess.

The aviators are my boyfriend's. He accidentally left them in my car, so naturally I immediately used them for a photo shoot. I'm usually more of a cat-eye sunglasses kinda girl, but it doesn't hurt to mix things up a bit sometimes.

Outfit details:

Crop top: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: J. Crew
Sandals: H&M 

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